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    Estate planning should be simple.

    Through cutting edge technology, innovation, and excellence, we strive to deliver the best online estate planning for our customers that is simple to do, simple to understand, and simple to execute.

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    Estate planning should be accessible to all people regardless of age, education, financial status or native language.

    Here at SimplyWilled.com we believe the ability to pass wealth from one generation to the next is a fundamental right that all people should enjoy.

  • SimplyWilled is in Favor of Customers

    Here at SimplyWilled.com, we are committed to our customers.

    We are committed to building strong communities across the United States. Ten percent (10%) of all of SimplyWilled.com profits go to charities that support the less fortunate in the communities we serve.

Our History

Consumers today are smarter, more sophisticated, and have more choices than ever before for their online DIY legal needs. Only a satisfied consumer can decide if they will be your customer for life. At SimplyWilled we believe that to be worthy of such commitment, we had go beyond traditional online DIY legal services, and offer the consumer something new, something smart, something that makes the consumer’s life Simple.
“SimplyWilled.com offer consumers a new way of approaching online do it yourself estate planning. Our team recognized that most online platforms were either too basic or overly complicated. In contrast we setout to develop a solution that is simple to use but preserves the features that discerning consumers demand.”
“We designed SimplyWilled as a simple to use, powerful, online estate planning system to empower individuals. It has been engineered from the ground up to make the online estate planning as simple and user friendly as possible, while retaining the flexibility and sophistication consumers demand in a way that exceeds customer expectations.”
SimplyWilled.com extends the benefits of traditional online do it yourself estate planning by wrapping its capabilities in an online platform that is easy to access, easy to understand and easy for the customer to use.

Estate Planning Made Simple & Affordable.

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