Alabama Same-Sex Estate Planning

At we pride ourselves on serving Alabama’s LGBTA community’s same-sex estate planning needs. We believe it is a fundamental human right that everyone should be able to provide for the ones they love. Fun fact, Alabama legalized on February 9, 2015.  With you can design a complete estate planning that includes a valid Alabama Last Will and Testament, Alabama Healthcare Power of Attorney, Alabama Financial Power of Attorney, Alabama Living Will, and burial/cremation instructions.

Under Alabama law there are a few basic items every estate plan should include:

A Simple Will or Complex Will. If you and your partner don’t have wills and Alabama’s laws will determine who will inherit each of your estates. In those states, your surviving spouse gets nothing if there’s no will.

An Alabama Domestic Partnership Agreement. An Alabama domestic partnership agreement is comparable to a prenuptial agreement, this contract is a useful way to address how you plan to share your income, expenses, and property. In this agreement, you can specify which property you hold jointly and which is separate.

HIPAA Authorization. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act allows you to authorize medical providers to discuss your condition and prognosis with your partner. Without it, doctors may claim that they can speak only with “immediate family” — and in most states, your partner is not considered “immediate family.”

An Alabama Living Will And An Alabama Health Care Power Of Attorney. These documents allow your partner to carry out your wishes concerning your medical care.

An Alabama General Durable Power Of Attorney. This document lets your partner manage your financial affairs if you become disabled.

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