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What is a Hawaii Simple Will?

A Hawaii Simple will is a testamentary document that provides a set of instructions, to both your family and to the probate court, on how you’d like your estate to be handled.  Most Hawaii simple will provide clear instructions on how the testator, (the person making a simple will), ...

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Five Things You Should ​Know About ​Making ​Your Hawaii ​Last Will and Testament.

There are a few Things you should ​know about ​making ​your Hawaii ​last will and testament before you execute the required documents: First, you need to decide who your beneficiaries will be. Your Hawaii last will and testament should clearly state who your beneficiaries are. While ...

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What is a Hawaii living will?

A Hawaii living will is a written legal document that indicates your desire to withhold or withdraw certain medical care based on your health circumstances. In a Hawaii living will typically contain the following language: “I _______________ have the primary right under Hawaii law to make my own decisions concerning treatment ...

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Top 10 Advantages to Hawaii Estate Planning  

1. Provide for your loved ones. There are many advantages to Hawaii estate planning. For example, ...

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The Benefits of Using Estate Planning Software To Make Your Hawaii Last Will and Testament

  There are a number of benefits of using Hawaii online estate planning software to write your Hawaii last will testament.  If you’re thinking about using online estate planning software to make your Hawaii last will and testament and other Hawaii estate plan documents you should read ...

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Why Do I Need a Last Will and Testament In Hawaii

Creating a Hawaii last will and testament is the best way to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. Your Hawaii last will give you the power to decide how you would like your most precious assets to be distributed. In Hawaii, if you own a ...

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