How to Select a Trustee for Your Estate Plan

People often ask the question: “What is a trustee and what do they do”?  Simply answered, a trustee is a person or entity responsible for the disposition of assets according to the terms of your trust.  When selecting a trustee for your estate, you must be ...

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Testamentary Trust Explained

What is a testamentary trust? A testamentary trust is a trust created within a will that does not come into existence until after the individual who wrote the will (the testator) passes away. This type of trust is different from a living trust because ...

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What is a Living Revocable Trust?

A living revocable trust is a trust created during the lifetime of the grantor. Under this instrument, the grantor acts as the trustee during their lifetime and retains complete control over the corpus of the trust. While alive, the grantor may revoke the trust, change its ...

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