Wyoming Inheritance

In Wyoming Doesn't your spouse get everything if you pass?

One of the most common misconceptions about Wyoming inheritance laws that cause people to put off making a will is the assumption their spouse will automatically inherit everything if they pass. In reality, it doesn't work that way. Who get what will vary depending on the types of assets you have and Wyoming's inheritance laws.

Isn't it expensive to make a will in Wyoming?

Often people put off making a will because they think that making a will is too complicated and too expensive for them to undertake. You can make your Wyoming last will and testament online in only 15 minutes and save hundreds of dollars by using SimplyWilled.com.

Additionally, you can create important supporting documents like a Wyoming healthcare power of attorney form, Wyoming financial power of attorney form, and a Wyoming living will.

Do I need to hire an expensive Wyoming estate planning attorney to make my will?

With SimplyWilled.com you no longer need to hire an expensive Wyoming estate planning lawyer to make your will. If you have a complicated estate, for instance, you own a business, have significant assets, or are in a second marriage, don't worry SimplyWilled.com was designed for you.

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