The Benefits of Using Estate Planning Software To Make Your Virginia Last Will and Testament.

There are a number of benefits of using Virginia online estate planning software to write your Virginia last will testament.  If you’re thinking about using online estate planning software to make your Virginia last will and testament and other Virginia estate plan documents you should read this article to understand the benefits.

For most people who want to write their own Virginia last will there are a number of different types of estate planning products available on the market today. Estate planning products typically fall into one of three categories:

·       Online Estate Planning Forms,

·       Online Estate Planning Templates,

·       and Online Estate Planning Software.

The first category, Online Estate Planning Forms.

The first category, Online Estate Planning Forms, are typically the simplest of the estate planning products available. Estate planning forms are static pdf forms that you can download, typically for free. Estate planning forms often are generic and are not custom tailored to their  state laws. When you use estate planning forms, the user fills in the pre-defined blanks on the printed out forms with their personal information by hand. Online estate planning forms typically are not state specific and don’t allow the user to customize the forms nor do they provide for any personalization of the final document. Rather the user is limited to the choices that the form has and can only handwrite in their wishes. Online estate planning forms are typically a poor choice for estate planning because they seldom reflect the wishes of the person using them. In Florida online estate planning forms often end up the source of disputes in Virginia probate court.

The second category, Online Estate Planning Templates.

The second category is Online Estate Planning Templates. Online estate planning templates are documents that are a little more interactive than online estate planning forms. Online Virginia estate planning templates are typically state specific documents that are tailored to the laws of Virginia.  Online Virginia last will templates will typically permit the user to type their personal information into the Virginia will template and may permit the user some limited ability to customize their Virginia will template to fit their goals and objectives. Its important to point out that online last will templates typically don’t have any sort of interview process to guide the user through completing the will template, so the user is typically responsible for making sure they include the right information in the right sections of the online will template. Like Virginia online estate planning forms, online estate planning templates are a poor choice for estate planning because the potential for user error. Putting the incorrect information in the wrong area of the template or incorrectly filling out the template can result in costly fights in Virginia probate court and unnecessary conflict between beneficiaries.

The third category, Online Estate Planning Software.

Finally, the third category of estate planning products is Online Estate Planning Software. Virginia online estate planning software is the best of the estate planning options for planning your Virginia estate. Online estate planning software will permit the user to make fully customized, Virginia estate-planning documents, that are custom tailored for the individual users goals and objectives. is among the best of the online Virginia estate planning software’s currently available on the market today to make your Virginia last will and testament, Virginia healthcare power of attorney and Virginia financial power of attorney and Virginia living will.  With you can make customer tailor your Virginia estate documents that are personalized for your goals and objectives.

With online estate planning software you can write your Virginia last will and testament and other Virginia  estate planning documents in about 20 minutes. Single Will Package Includes:

·       a Virginia Last Will and Testament,

·       a Virginia Healthcare Power of Attorney,

·       a Virginia Financial Power of Attorney,

·       a  Virginia Living Will, and

·       a set of Virginia Burial Instructions.

One of the main advantages of using to make your Virginia estate plan is that you can avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on costly lawyers.

In addition, among the other advantages of using estate planning software are:

·                   Lower Costs- All you need is a computer, a printer and some free time.

·                   Privacy- You can make your last will when you are ready from the comfort of your home.

·                   Control- You decide what your last will and testament says. You get to select who you would like to serve as fiduciaries of your estate planning.

With online estate planning software you can:

·                               Name Your Beneficiaries

·                               Select Your Virginia Guardians for Minor Children

·                               Select Your Virginia Executor

·                               Select Your Virginia Healthcare Agent

·                               Select Your Virginia Financial Power of Attorney

In addition, using cloud based estate planning system, once you have made these important selections you have the option of notifying your Virginia Guardians, Virginia Executor, Virginia Healthcare Agent and Virginia Financial power of attorney by email that you have selected them as a fiduciary of your estate.

You can also select back up guardians for minor children, back up executors, back healthcare agents and back financial powers of attorney for your estate in the event that your first choice is unable or unwilling to serve. This is an excellent feature.

Further, using you have the ability to control how your Virginia estate is distributed under Virginia law. You can name your beneficiaries, specify what types of assets they receive as well as make gifts to charities and institutions of your choosing.

Finally, using cloud-based estate-planning system you can update your estate plan document for free for up to one year from the date you create your account so you can feel comfortable that your documents will always be current and up to date with your latest wishes. For more information about Virginia estate planning, check out our blog.