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West Virginia Living Will

What is a West Virginia Living Will?

Creating a West Virginia living will—also commonly referred to as an advance healthcare directive—allows you to formally communicate your end-of-life medical requests to your loved ones. This document lets you choose different healthcare treatment options in light of multiple end-of-life healthcare emergencies. For example, you can choose different care options if you have a terminal condition, end-stage condition, or in a persistent vegetative state.

While typically created as part of an estate plan, this document can also be used by your family as a reference point for care if you are undergoing any serious medical emergency that has left you unable to make your own decisions. If you are receiving end-of-life care and can consciously make your own decisions, your living will is not utilized. Thus, there is no risk involved when creating a West Virginia living will, as this document only comes into effect if you are incapacitated or unable to consent to care for yourself.

Benefits of a West Virginia Living Will

This document is also useful for your family. As you are stating exactly what you want for your end-of-life care, you will prevent confusion and unnecessary disagreements between your family members and friends. Furthermore, your family will not have to make difficult decisions concerning your end-of-life healthcare.

Most people think of a last will and testament as the major document required to protect yourself and your family in case of your death. However, a last will and testament cannot specify medical treatment preferences. Though this document is difficult to start as you have to face your own mortality, creating this document will give you control of your end-of-life care while also sparing your family from making these difficult decisions for you. Use our West Virginia living will to make your own choices during end-of-life care or other medical emergencies when you are no longer able to express your wishes.

West Virginia Living Will